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Artigo Resilient Rubber Flooring

We are the exclusive distributor of Artigo rubber flooring products in New Zealand. Our range includes  styles, each with an assortment of colours to ensure flooring is easy to incorporate in the wider architectural scheme of a variety of applications – from commercial sites to public buildings, hospitals and schools. 

BS Classic

Solid colour round studded tiles
The classic rubber flooring. Available in 20 colours, in both bright and neutral shades, BS Classic is suitable in almost any environment.


The beauty of imperfection. A smooth and hard wearing rubber flooring product that mimics the sophisticated look of painted concrete. Available in six colours, Artigo Screed provides a highly practical, low maintenance and environmentally friendly solution.


Smooth surface with granules
Reflecting nature Artigo Grain is available in 24 stylish colours with multicoloured granules to add a textured look to floors.


Smooth surface with granules
Available in 24 colours, in both neutral and bright shades, Granito is ideal for many environments including hospitals.


Ribbed Rubber Flooring
Artigo Rigato is a hard wearing ribbed flooring solution, ideal for use in areas with heavy foot traffic and regular impact.


Smooth surface in solid colour
Available in 24 colours Multifloor ND/ UNI is perfect for stand out office environments that want to make a bold statement in style.


Solid colour round studded tiles
With Irregular studs that create an interesting and unique texture. Zero.4 is ideal for use in kindergartens/schools.


Smooth surface with natural fibres
Available in 24 colours Kayar has a non-invasive design, a smooth surface that is accentuated by natural looking fibres.

Please note Jaydex is able to access any product from the Artigo flooring range. If there is a specific product you need from outside the core New Zealand range please let us know and we will arrange an indent order.


Artigo accessories are available to finish your flooring design to the highest standard. With a range of colour options and finishings you can customise your flooring and stair system to suit any environment. Artigo flooring accessories are easy to install and hard wearing to assure your flooring looks great for many years to come. View more

Ideal Applications

  • Schools and Kindergartens
  • Universities and other Education establishments
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Cinemas and Theatres
  • Shops and Retail spaces
  • Airports and Train Stations
  • Hospitals and other high traffic areas
  • Office spaces

Key Benefits

  • Excellent dimensional stability: Ensures no gaps between joints, even over time.
  • Extremely hygienic: A dense, sealed surface that can be continuous to eliminate joints where bacteria can form.
  • Highly robust: Highly resilient with excellent resistance to wear and cigarette burns.
  • Excellent walking comfort: Slip resistant with low noise and reduced static electricity.
  • Cost-Effective: Lightweight with reduced thickness for easy and efficient installation.
  • Low maintenance: Stain and chemical resistant-reduced detergents, water and energy for cleaning and maintenance.

Environmental Accreditations

Good Enviromental Choice Australia - GECA manages a type 1 Ecolabel programme in accordance to ISO 14024 Enviromental Labels and Declarations. GECA standard 25-2011 v2 floor coverings is a NZ Green Building Council (NZGBC) recognised Eco-label with level A recognition and eligible for Green Star Material credits.

Green Guard Gold - GREENGUARD is one of the world’s most respected environmental certifications. It certifies that product chemical emissions are at safe levels, in view of minimising indoor air pollution and potential chemical exposure.

Blue Angel - Certified Blue Angel to RAL UZ 120 (only ND/UNI, KAYAR, GRANITO) comply with German AgBB scheme at 3 and 28 days, comply with French AFFSET scheme at 3 and 28 days certified as “low emitting” to California Section 01350

About Artigo

Innovation through collaboration
The partnership of Artigo, with its research work that began within the Pirelli Group in the 1920’s, and Mondo, established in 1948 and world leader in rubber applications for business and the sports industry, has resulted in a vast and diverse collection of highly innovative rubber flooring products, with an exceptional number of different applications.

Leaders in resilient rubber flooring
At the beginning of the 1900's Pirelli started the production of marbled rubber flooring. In the 1960's Pirelli develops the first studded floor. The design was so innovative it was selected by MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. In 1961 Artigo is founded by Pirelli for the production of flooring and in 1965 Artigo completes the flooring in the Milan Underground (which remains in place to this day). 

Mondo Resilient Rubber Sports Flooring

Mondo sport flooring is widely recognised as the gold standard in sports flooring internationally. As the exclusive distributor for New Zealand, we offer Mondo sport flooring products to suit a wide range of applications – from gyms, weight rooms and indoor multi-sport areas, to ice rinks.

mondo logoMondo Sports Flooring Jaydex (NZ) Range

Mondoflex II

Multi-purpose gymnasium surface
Mondoflex ll is available in a range of eleven modern colours with a tone-on-tone marbled effect to suit any environment.


Multi-purpose gymnasium surface
Mondoflex is available in a range of eleven fashionable colours with a tone-on-tone marbled effect to suit any environment.


Weight and skate resistant
Ramflex is available in a range of eight fashionable and functional colours that will blend into most environments.

Sport Impact

Weight and skate resistant
Sport Impact is available in a range of eleven fashionable and functional colours that will blend into most environments.


Multi-purpose surface.
Indoor/outdoor Sportflex is available in a range of seven colours with a sealskin embossing texture suitable for most environments. Please contact Jaydex as Indoor versions may require a fire rating with alternative options available from Mondo.

Please note Jaydex is able to access any product from the Mondo flooring range. If there is a specific product you need from outside the core New Zealand range please let us know and we will arrange an indent order.

Ideal applications

  • Indoor sports centres
  • Volleyball halls
  • Multi-purpose sports facilities
  • College / School gyms
  • Weight rooms
  • Cardio / Fitness rooms
  • Skate centres
  • Gymnasiums

Key Benefits

Outstanding durability: Vulcanised natural rubber makes a strong material even stronger. Mondo’s vulcanised materials have maximum elasticity with unparalleled durability. Surface deterioration is minimal throughout the long life of the product.

Easy to clean, hygienic and odour-free: The smooth, solid rubber upper layer is easy to clean, with no special waxes or coatings required. The non-porous surface is water resistant, so bacteria never gets a foothold. This means there’s no risk of hard-to-eliminate odours.

Environmentally friendly: Mondo rubber flooring systems are a mix of synthetic, natural and factory-recycled rubber. It complies with VOC emission guidelines. At the end of its lifespan, it can be disposed of as urban solid waste.

Lasting good looks: Mondo flooring can be installed without welded joints for a great seamless appearance. No welding, combined with the materials natural elasticity, means the floor will keep its good looks longer too, because the joints won’t split if the floor settles or expands.

Official flooring supplier of the last 11 Olympics

For over four decades Mondo has been official flooring supplier to the Olympic Games. Years of research in partnership with coaches, athletes and biomechanical experts has provided Mondo with a wealth of knowledge that it has applied to develop the sporting world’s most preferred flooring. Mondo prides itself on an ability to develop technologically advanced products that can improve athletic performance while safeguarding the human body. All Mondo flooring products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of each sport, reducing the life cycle cost.