10 Reasons to Love Rubber Flooring


  1. The eco choice: Rubber is either tapped from trees (which aren’t damaged in the process) or from the residue of making petrol – therefore the manufacture of rubber flooring does not require the destruction of resources or produce toxic substances. Jaydex supplies Artigo rubber flooring which conforms to rigorous environmental standards and environmental certifications and is manufactured using natural colour pigments.
  2. Unique characteristics: Since work pioneered by Pirelli in the 1920s and Mondo in the late 1940s, research on rubber has shown it to have unique stress-resistance and elasticity making it suitable for a wide range of products and applications. It also takes colour well-meaning that it can provide great design features for your building project.
  3. Hygiene: Because rubber has a dense and sealed surface and is flexible enough to continue up the walls, it is able to be fitted without joints preventing areas where dirt and bacteria can flourish. This makes rubber the perfect choice for all areas which need to be kept clean such as hospitals, schools or kindergartens.
  4. Comfort: Because of rubber’s natural elasticity it is easy to walk on and is the perfect choice for areas of high foot traffic such as schools, offices, airports, hospitals and train stations. It also develops less than 2000 volts of static electricity preventing discharges in public places.
  5. Peace and quiet: Because rubber can reduce the noise of walking by up to 20 decibels it is the ideal solution for flooring in libraries, museums and galleries.
  6. Hardworking: Rubber’s natural resilience and elasticity makes it resistant to heavy traffic and able to recover from harsh shocks and extreme pressures. These characteristics also mean rubber flooring has an exceptional lifespan – even in areas where it can be exposed to stresses such as cigarette burns and 24/7 use.
  7. Easy for renovations: When an area is changing use, rubber flooring is easily retrofitted because it’s lightweight, easily installed, easily maintained and able to cover pre-existing floors.
  8. Safety: Jaydex-supplied Artigo rubber flooring has been developed to comply with all international fire-reaction regulations and, when burnt, produces fumes of low opacity and toxicity. The flooring also exceeds international safety standards for the prevention of accidents in public areas and the workplace as well as the elimination of obstacles for the disabled.
  9. Maintenance: PRO Finish and TXL Finish treatments for rubber flooring guarantee better resistance to staining and chemicals meaning that less energy, water and detergents are required for cleaning and maintenance. They also create cost-savings and extend the product’s lifespan.
  10. Innovation: Rubber flooring has been developed which incorporates Kayar coconut fibre (Kayar), which has an irregular fluted-plank surface (Ebony) and which has a random distribution of studded tiles (Zero.4). This type of design innovation creates rubber flooring which looks great in any project from a kindergarten to a traditional office or retail space.


For more information on how Jaydex can help you find the perfect flooring solution for your project contact us on 0800 JAYDEX (529 339) or email us at sales@jaydex.co.nz

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