How the right waterproofing can save your company money


New Zealanders are rightly obsessed with weather since our maritime climate means we tend to get hit with whatever’s passing our way.

Sure we’re not Kansas or Alaska where builders have to contend with huge extremes of temperature or dangerous tornado seasons – but New Zealand’s wet, humid climate and its tendency towards heavy, localised downpours, creates a new set of issues when it comes to the Kiwi construction industry.

There’s few people in the country who wouldn’t be well aware of the high cost of getting it wrong when it comes to making sure our homes, offices and government buildings are watertight – the Ministry of Education alone said earlier this month that the cost of fixing serious leaks in 1800 schools was between $1.1 billion and $1.3 billion and some believe the total price tag for the whole country will be more than $20 billion.

With these warnings in place, getting your waterproofing right, right from the beginning is absolutely vital – you need brands you can trust, which meet all regulations, and which are built to last.

Put simply, a building’s roof bears the brunt of the toughest weather, so that’s where you need your hardest-working products and that’s where we’ll start.

Here’s why Jaydex has the right products to keep you watertight.

  1. The Easygum Waterproofing Membrane System is perfect for repairing old surfaces (it was used on the old TVNZ building in Auckland), has been used and trusted for more than 15 years and complies with the NZ Building Code, comes with a 15-year warranty and a BEAL appraisal. It’s also a perfect cost-effective solution for plywood and concrete surfaces, retaining walls and all metal structures.
  2. For the increasingly popular roof gardens, which have to contend with the added hazard of invasive plant roots, Novar-WS FLL (Anti-Root) Roof uses a synthetic, organic system supported by a non-wovan polyester stabilised with glass fibres to prevent roots breaking through – and when it’s fixed by a Jaydex-licensed contractor, it’s warranted for 20 years.
  3. There are a number of Polibit/Novaflex systems which work well for the majority of buildings. The Polibit Coated/Novaflex double sheet waterproofing membrane system can be colour-coated to match existing schemes, can be applied to a wide range of substrates making it perfect for all general roofing and has a 20-year warranty. The Polibit Mineral/Novaflex double sheet waterproofing membrane system is a cost-effective system with a  textured finish suitable for all general roofing with a 20-year warranty. And the Polibit Stone Aggregate / Novaflex double sheet waterproofing membrane system gives you the right solution to finish your roof with a natural finish of rocks or aggregate. 

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New Zealanders are rightly obsessed with weather since our maritime climate means we tend to get hit with whatever’s passing our way. ...

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