How to create the perfect roof garden


Choosing a green roof or roof garden is not only an aesthetic choice, but also a practical and ecological choice.

At Jaydex we have a long history of helping architects choose the right product to make sure their buildings stand the test of time – and when it comes to building roof gardens, we have the perfect solutions to turn stunning concepts into reality as well as protecting the buildings from roots and water damage.

So why choose a green roof?

To start with, it’s a great architectural and aesthetic look which counters the usual urban cityscape while offering those who live or work in the building access to an area which can offer natural shade, cooler temperatures, flowers, birds and butterflies. Rooftop patios lend themselves to meeting areas and entertaining areas and can help a business recruit better staff, retain staff and build morale and productivity.

From a more practical point of view, green roofs can help manage stormwater by capturing some water and slowing the flow that comes off the roof – this helps limit the water gushing into storm sewers and ultimately helps the wastewater treatment plants that have to deal with the capacity or prevent stormwater washing rubbish into rivers and the ocean. As cities expand, green roofs help minimise the impact on their stormwater infrastructure.

Expanding cities are also responsible for warmer environments because the concrete and paved areas hold on to their heat longer than rural areas and air con units spend their time pumping more heat into the immediate surroundings. Any green area – such as green roofs – helps mitigate this effect because of the moisture released through plants’ photosynthesis, which also helps limit pollution.

As well as the potential benefits to the environment where the building is situated, green roofs can also benefit the building itself.

Their greater insulation properties mean that businesses and residential properties don’t have to spend so much on heating and air con (for comparisons Portland State University has a great calculator to show energy efficiency performances between green, dark and white roofs). Green roofs have greater fire retardation, noise and electromagnetic radiation reduction qualities.

Because a green roof covers the waterproofing membrane more completely and exposes it to fewer extremes of temperature and UV rays, the membrane will last up to three times longer – making it a great financial choice too.

For more information on Jaydex Novar-WS FLL (anti-Root) Roof including data sheet, test results and full product specs visit our website or contact us here.

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