Sports flooring: How to give your apartment project or business the edge


Whether you’re planning a new apartment building or office block, or you’re looking to upgrade your well-established commercial business, chances are you’re going to have to cater to Kiwis’ love of sport.

We’re talking here about a country which is hosting this year’s Cricket World Cup, trying to retain the Rugby World Cup and hoists its sports stars to the level most countries reserve for pop and film stars.

Because that love for elite sport filters down to the rest of us, it’s not unusual to find buildings in New Zealand kitted out with gyms, exercise rooms, tennis courts or sports halls. And if you’re looking to give your employees or the new apartment owners a real boost, then you’re going to need the very best in sports flooring.

The Jaydex Mondo range of flooring is perfect for schools, gymnasiums and sports stadiums – after all it has been supporting athletes at the Olympic Games since 1976. Mondo claims that 150,000 athletes compete and train on their tracks, courts and artificial football pitches and “strives to overcome limitations and improve performance”.

Even Olympic great and chair of the 2012 London Olympic Games Organising Committee endorsed the company when he said: “Over the past seven years we have put athletes at the heart of everything we have done and this, of course, included supplying them with the best possible sports equipment and services, your equipment and your services.”

Jaydex has access to the whole Mondo range of specialist sports flooring – so whatever your building needs to provide the best sporting arena – whether that’s for five-a-side football or just a weights room – there’s something which will fit your budget and requirement.

The key products we stock are:

·       Sportflex: Because this surface is easy to clean and maintain, it is the perfect solution for outdoor walkways and sports surfaces. And if you’re thinking about including a tennis court in an apartment block or workplace, the texture provides good drainage and a fair bounce as well as being able to withstand the sort of varied sports which people might want to use it for.

·       Ramflex and Sport Impact: Both Ramflex and Sport Impact offer the sort of heavy-duty flooring to cope with weight rooms or gyms with heavy equipment. Because they are both dent and tear resistant they are also easily cleaned – which makes them perfect for high-use areas.

·       Mondoflex and Mondoflex II: Both these basic sports floors are tough, non-slip and smooth, making them the perfect solution for indoor games such as badminton, indoor footy, basketball and cardio fitness areas.

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